Freestanding Bag - TOP TEN - 'Jumbo' - 171 cm

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With the Freestanding Bag “Jumbo” at an impressive height of 171 cm, TOP TEN presents you with an ideal training device for punching and kicking techniques. The black punch pad made of durable vinyl material and the red TOP TEN Company Print sits firmly on the base with a height of 134 cm. For a firm stand, this must either be filled with sand or water so that a stand weight of up to 110 kg is achieved. The “Jumbo” freestanding bag can be placed anywhere in the room and can be used from all sides. As a tool in the fitness area or circuit training, “Jumbo” will make you sweat in no time.

Additional advantages:

  • impact pad made of robust vinyl
  • impact pad diameter 44 cm
  • overall height with base 171 cm
  • empty weight approx. 17 kg.

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