Our return policy


Retun and exchange og goods

Purchased online: Items purchased online be retuned within 14 days. Money is returned to the same payment method with which the order was purchased. Money can only be paid out to the person who made the order. As a customer, you pay for the costs of returning the goods to us. You can get the value of the goods back, but not shipping costs. The item must be in original condition to get the money back. Read about the item's condition further down.

Purchased in store: Items purchased in our stores can be exchanged within 14 days


How to exchange / return an item.

Exchange by sending the googds to us.:

1) IMPORTANT! Write a note with your order number and which items you want to exchange for and put together with the items.

2) 2) Send items you wish to exchange and note back to us. You pay for the shipping back to us. We only receive goods sent directly to the address below. Items sent to a parcel box or post office will not be accepted.

Nippon Sport
ATT: Return
Scandiagade 25
2450 Copenhagen SV

3) Feel free to send us an email with your order number and that you wish to exchange, so that we are aware of the package

4) We receive the package. Please note that it can take up to 7 days, depending on which shipping method you sent the goods with.

5) We exchange the goods and send them to you. We pay for the shipping for the exchange items. If there is a difference in the value of the new goods.


Exchange in store.: You are also welcome in our store. We must use either the order number from the online order or a receipt for the purchase in store in order to exchange an order.


Retun Policy Summary

Return: You can return your order within 14 days. As a customer, you pay for the costs of returning the goods to us. You can get the purchase amount back, but not shipping costs. See info about the item's condition below.

Exchanged: As a customer, you pay for the costs of returning the goods you wish to exchange. We pay the shipping for the items you wish to exchange.

Condition of the item: You can try the item in the same way as you would in a physical store. You are liable for any deterioration of the product. In order to receive the item's full value back, the item must be in its original condition and packaging. If the item is not in original condition, you can only get a percentage of the item's value back based on the commercial value. In the case of personal equipment such as mouthguards, crotch protectors and the like (but not limited to these), we can only take back goods that come in original sealed packaging, as otherwise for reasons of hygiene we cannot resell them.

The above only applies to sales to personal customers made online at www.nippon.dk Contact us

If you have any questions, you can contact us during normal opening hours on +45 33 23 13 13 or around the clock by email to info@nippon-sport.com


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