Skipping rope - EliteSRS - 'Heavy Beaded' - Silver

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The heavy-beaded jump rope comes with a nylon rope with small plastic tubes attached
The handles are wrapped with grip tape so you have a good grip, even with sweaty hands
Same 20 cm long handles as in the Freestyle / Fit+ model, well suited for cross
305 cm long rope, can be adjusted in length by removing the plastic tubes and cutting the rope
Due to the weight, it is more difficult to get up to speed, but the cadence becomes "rounder"

Elite SRS Heavy Beaded - extra challenge for your jump training

EliteSRS never compromises on the quality of the components they use in their rope. This uncompromising approach means that their ropes are different from the competition and that you always feel like you have a unique product in your hand. We recommend using EliteSRS ropes on smooth surfaces, as rough surfaces shorten the life of the rope. If you want to use them outdoors, we recommend using a mat.

  • Get a frustration-free rhythm and an effective workout
  • Beads provide resistance for a more robust workout
  • Beads help weight the pitch, improve feedback and enable a more consistent rhythm
  • Long life and durability when Heavy Beaded is used on smooth surfaces


  • 3 meter long rope
  • 20 cm long handles
  • NOT a good rope if you are doing speed training

Get a frustration-free rhythm and a serious sweat with this rope. Heavy 2" beads provide resistance for a more robust workout, and the long handles with grip bands make it easy to hold when you sweat and fatigue. The weight of the ball lowers the rope, improves feedback and allows for a more consistent rhythm. Product details Sizing: Rope comes on 10ft length. Can be shortened to desired length to fit all sportsmen. To make shorter unthread from handle end and remove beads as needed. Handle construction: Comes with an unbroken 8" handle and low profile grip / 1oz weight (each handle) / .9" diameter at end Heavier beads: Comes with our new 2" thick wall beads which give the rope more weight, longevity and durability when used on rough surfaces. Not a good rope for speed training.

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