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Freestanding sandbag, no need to drill into ceiling or walls!
Alternative to hanging sandbags that you can have standing at home or in the gym
Easy to fill

ATTENTION! You must not remove the white foam plastic from the bottom container or cut the black foam cone at the bottom of the pad, as it is these two parts that ensure that the sandbag is stable. The cord for assembling the sandbag is loose in the package.

Super training tool for the home.

This sandbag from Tunturi is a safe choice if you are looking for a sandbag that does not require drilling into the ceiling or the wall. The foot just needs to be filled and the top put on. The sandbag can be filled with water or sand, however water can lead to unnecessary wobble when using the sandbag and you risk water damage if the container leaks. Therefore, we recommend that you use sand as filling at the bottom. The sand also has a higher density, which further helps to stabilize the sandbag during training.

A boxing pad that doesn't hang, but stands

This free-standing punching pad is the perfect alternative when it is not possible to hang your punching pad on the ceiling or on the wall.

Enough room to punch and kick
With a length of 175 cm. and a diameter of 45 cm. (measured from the foot) Tunturi's free-standing boxing pad allows you to both punch and kick it. Really good for cardio and technical training, but in the long run not suitable for hard Muay Thai training.

No drilling or measuring required
The punching pad stand is filled from the bottom. You add weight to the stand by putting sand or gravel into the foot, which will ensure that the bag is stable while you work on it. You can then attach the boxing pad to the foot by tightening it with a nylon cord. Must be filled with 45 l. of dry sand or gravel.

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