Puzzle Tatami Mat - Tunturi - 'Karate' - Red-Black

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Tatami puzzle mats from Tunturi.

Puzzle mats in red/black.
2 cm. thick, soft material.
Measures 104x106 cm.
Click together like a puzzle.
Material with minimal chance of skin abrasions and burn marks.
The mats are odorless, water-repellent and approved for use in sports halls, kindergartens, etc.

Recommended for home use, not for club use.

This Bruce Lee Puzzle mat is the perfect mat for the home or the club Fixed mat.
With a thickness of 2 cm, this mat provides enough protection throughout your training. The mat feels soft and is therefore ideal for training. The mat measures 104 x 106 cm so you can place it where it suits. You can also use it as a base when training falls.

Easy to place The puzzle mats can be easily assembled. Use the puzzle pages to easily create an area of several meters. It is the perfect choice when you need to have a larger area covered with mats.

Possible to make patterns.
Because the mat has both a red and a green side, you can make patterns on the floor. This is particularly useful for competitions where you want to indicate when an area starts/ends. You can even costumize the mats by cutting them - however, this is at your own risk.

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