Puzzle Tatami Mat - Nippon Sport - 4 CM - Black-Grey

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CE-EN71 approved mats
Black on one side and grey on the other
Constructed from durable and flexible material
Can be clicked together like a jigsaw puzzle
Special material prevents scratches and burns
Odourless, water-repellent and approved for use in sports halls, nurseries, etc.

The classic puzzle mat. The simple choice when your floor needs to be covered with shock and sound absorbing material.

Tatami Puzzle mats are available in a variety of colour combinations and different thicknesses. These mats are 4 cm thick and are especially recommended for throwing and other forms of floor fighting. The mats measure 100 x 100 x 4 cm.
Tatami mat from Nippon Sport
Also called puzzle mats as they can be easily wedged together without having to worry about friction between floor and mat.

Great mat with minimal chances of scratches and abrasions.
Constructed from a composition of polyethylene foam and polyolefin resin, giving the mats professional flexibility and abrasion resistance.

The mats are tested and approved according to the European standard for CE - EN 71 paragraphs 1, 2 and 3:
This means that the mats are not flammable, do not contain toxins and are therefore approved for use in sports halls, kindergartens and other indoor areas without danger.

The mats are specially designed for martial arts and floor fighting and provide a good fighting floor


100 * 100 * 4 cm

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