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Inelastic 4m hand bandage
Suitable for several martial arts such as MMA, Muay Thai, Boxing etc.
Inelastic hand wraps make it easy and comfortable to adapt to the hand
Comes as a pair in many different colours
Recommended for fighting and sparring

Nippon Sports own hand wraps. The focus is on the fighter!

These bandages are among Nippon Sports bestsellers as people experience satisfaction with the product and buy it for both club and private use. Repeated training slowly wears away the fabric, which is why we have chosen to produce our own hand sanitary towels, so we can offer them at completely fight-ready prices!

The bones of the hand are relatively small and sensitive, and even the ancient Greeks discovered that compressing the hand reduced the chance of internal injury. Modern bandages are slightly more technologically advanced than the ancient Greeks' garments, but work on the same principle. The hand bandage is tied around the hand, wrist and between the fingers, providing the necessary protection and support for the hand, wrist and knuckles. Watch the video below how to tie a 4m inelastic hand bandage!
Nippon Sport inelastic hand bandage 4 m
Nippon Sport inelastic cotton hand bandages are 4 meters long and 5 cm wide.

We recommend all boxers, gym boxers etc. to use hand wraps as it helps prevent injuries.
The hand ties have velcro fastening which ensures a good and stable support.

A cotton hand bandage is inelastic and does not give. This gives a more firm and powerful support.

Hand wraps are required during most boxing matches and tournaments.

See a guide on how to tie 2.5 m inelastic handbands:

The guide is for a 2.5 meter hand binding, but the method is the same for a 4 meter one

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