Grappling - Boxing Dummy - Tunturi - 'Bruce Lee Slam Man' - Yellow

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- Perfect dummy for reaction training

- Has lighting effects to increase user satisfaction

- Can be adjusted in height (up to 190cm)

- Must be filled with water, sand or gravel (not included)

- Includes a computer to control the lights.

Speed training.

This Bruce Lee Slam Man Dummy is a must-have for the seasoned martial arts athlete. The dummy is made of plastic, with a rubber head and body. The dummy is an alternative to a hanging punching pad when the wall or ceiling is not suitable for hanging a punching pad. Furthermore, the dummy can help train speed, maneuverability, accuracy, and hand-to-eye coordination.

Reaction to light
The dummy has 8 lights. These lights can be set via a program. This program can help train speed and reaction. You can set a training program on the included computer. The lights will light up according to the computer. The exercise is to hit or kick the light as fast as possible.

Adjustable to different heights
The dummy can be adjusted to a height of 190cm. The foot can be filled with up to 120 kg. water, sand or gravel (this is not included). You will get the best result with sand or gravel, as this has the highest density.

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