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Fairtex Maddox GDS2, Grappling & Boxing Dummy The GDS2 model is a smaller version of the GD2 with hands and feet

Constructed in incredibly durable artificial leather.

Filling from Fairtex even that is firm and shock-absorbing.

Shaped for good practice for all locks and strangulations.

105 cm tall in a sitting position and weighs approx. 21 kg. Reinforced seams covered with velcro so they don't catch on anything. Recommended for all submission martial arts. See further description of the doll further down the page.

Fairtex Grappling Dummy
Perfect for all kinds of submission exercises.

170 cm tall in extended position.
105 cm tall in a sitting position (Standard position).
Weighs approx. 21 kilos.

The doll is shaped in a sitting position, which provides a good opportunity to practice all kinds of locks and strangulations.
The arms and legs are bent, which provides resistance when, for example, coach locks.

The actual filling in this Punch Dummy is from Fairtex itself. that can withstand being bent and masted without collapsing.
The filling has a certain shock-absorbing effect, which makes hitting and the exercises comfortable.

The stitching on the doll is extra strong and the stitching to the filling is covered with strong velcro, which ensures that the stitching does not catch on anything during training.

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