Freestanding Bag - TOP TEN - 'Hybrid' - Black/red

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A standing punching bag with exceptional capabilities that is the TOP TEN Freestanding Bag “Hybrid.” Its strengths are its versatility - it is suitable as a standing punching bag, a classic punching bag to hang up, and a robust grappling dummy. The actual punching bag weighs around 23 kg and is filled with recycled plastic granulate. The density decreases towards the top so that the “Hybrid” has an excellent balance. With the help of a strong hook and loop connection, the punching bag sits on a 38 kg base, which can be freely placed in the room with a diameter of 60 cm. The “hybrid” rests bolt upright on the floor and can be worked over the entire surface.

Additional advantages:

  • 100% made in EU
  • Punching bag with granulate filling
  • Resistant synthetic leather cover
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Colored TOP TEN print.

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