Freestanding Bag - TOP TEN - Black - 100 cm

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The Freestanding Bag by TOP TEN, in its pure, black design, looks like a work of art. Its real strengths are not only in the appearance because the functionality of the training device, in particular, makes the freestanding Bag something extraordinary. The 100 cm high punching bag consists of a compressed foam core and is encased in a durable PU synthetic leather cover. The element is placed on a stable base, which has to be filled with sand or water to ensure that it cannot tip over. Depending on the type of your filling, the freestanding Bag has a total weight of up to 180 kg and is therefore also ideal for advanced athletes.

Additional advantages:

  • 360 ° face
  • Space-saving equipment
  • Height adjustable in 3 levels
  • Extremely hard-wearing
  • Material: Outside 100% polyurethane, Inside 100% foam

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