Focus Mitts - Nippon Sport - 'Curvepad' - Black

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Focus Mitts - Nippon Sport - 'Curvepad' - Black
  • Small curvature for better focusing of blows
  • Cushioning with good shock absorption
  • Fixed ball on the inside of the glove fixes the palm
  • Durable - Constructed from genuine leather
  • Straps for the wrist

For both club and home!

As you know, gloves are a must-have when training in a martial art that involves many punches, such as boxing. The contrast between the white Nippon Sport logo and the black leather, ensures that you always have a focal point to strike at.

Simple in its function and in its design, this is among our most sought after and recommended stain gloves.
Stain gloves from Nippon Sport own production.

Great stain gloves from Nippon Sport at an absolutely fantastic price!
The stain gloves have a filling from Nippon itself, which gives it a good shock absorption. The padding is well distributed throughout the glove, so you get the correct weight distribution.
The stain glove itself is constructed from genuine leather, which is extra durable. This gives the glove a good resistance to the many blows and thus a long life.

In the front of the glove, Nippon Sport has made sure to mark the right place to hit with a white marker.
The back of the glove is constructed of genuine leather with strong stitching, which provides a long life.
A strap is fitted for extra fixation of the wrist. The strap also ensures that the glove cannot be knocked off the hand.

The design of the gauntlet gives it a good curve that helps to fix the blow to the right area.

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