Floor matt - Agglorex - 'Nage Komi'

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This training mat helps you with throwing techniques.
The new Nage Komi mat is designed to absorb throws. Fits perfectly to your existing judo mat area, as it measures 2x1 metres. Mine. order: 2 pcs. per order.

Forventet leveringstid 3-4 uger.


Interior in AGGLOFOAM, rebounded PU foam, in a composition specially developed to give an equally hard NAGE KOMI on the entire mat. Surface: The surface and sides are fully laminated with a very strong smooth vinyl. Bottom: Non-slip rubber bottom is also fully laminated to the bottom of the interior. The edge of the anti-skid material is reinforced with a melting point. Corners: The corners are perfectly sealed.

Colour: blue

Density: 80 kg / m

Bottom length: approx. 2000mm
Width: approx. 1000 mm
Length top: approx. 1400mm
Bottom thickness: approx. 40mm
Thickness top: approx. 80mm

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