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- Wrist trainer that adapts to the user

- Up to 15 kg. resistance

- 10,000 rotations per minute

- No need for batteries

- made on the basis of work from NASA

Do you have problems with RSI (Repetitive strain injury)? Train with this magic ball

This trainer was developed by NASA, and was initially used by astronauts who wanted to train in space where there is no gravity. Without gravity, it was not an option to take dumbbells or machines with you, and the trainer was therefore developed on the basis of the science of movement therapy.

The trainer does not work with specific weights, but instead with centrifugal force. This means that the trainer automatically adapts to the user's training level. The trainer can provide resistance of up to 15 kg, with approx. 10,000 rotations per minute.

There is a rotor in the trainer which rotates around an axis. This happens while the axis rotates in the opposite direction. The trainer will make a 'woesjing' sound as it moves. By increasing the movement, the rotor will move faster and will therefore become hotter. Due to the movement, there is no need for batteries. You can use the trainer to train wrists, hands, forearms, biceps and shoulders.

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