Dummy Weapon - Nippon Sport - 'Nunchaku' - Foam - w. Chain - Black

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Nunchaku in foam with string
Hard inner core ensures weight and balance
Suitable for practicing Nunchaku maneuvers without getting hurt
This Nunchaku comes with a chain like the original weapon

The Nunchaku is hard to master, but you can practice for a long time without injury with this foam Nunchaku!

Nunchakus are legal to possess and own if for training purposes. As a starting point, they must be in the home, the club, or in a bag. Reportedly invented in Japan by rice farmers as a self-defense weapon, Nunchakos have not seen much historical use. It is only in recent times that the weapon has found its way into martial arts, such as Okinawa Kobudo and Karate. Nunchakus are an exciting weapon that can train eye-hand coordination, and other fine motor skills and rhythm. Here at Nippon Sport, we strive to offer everything a budo practitioner needs, and therefore we also have a number of nunchaku in different materials and colors in our range. Nunchakus are legal to have if you use them in connection with training. As a starting point, they must be at home, at the club or in one's bag on the way to or from training

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