Boxing Bag - Nippon Sport - 'Club' - 40kg - 150cm - With Filling - Black

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Boxing Bag - Nippon Sport - 'Club' - 40kg - 150cm - Black - With Filling.
  • Chain hanger with closed ring at the top included.
  • Weighs approx. 40 kg.
  • Comes with professional filling from the factory.
  • Constructed of strong artificial leather with heavy duty stitching.
  • Recommended for anyone who wants something to hit and kick at home or at the club.

Boxing bag from Nippon Sport in strong artificial leather.
This bag comes with chain suspension with closed ring at the top- if you want to mount it in a ceiling or wall bracket which is also closed you will therefore need a carabiner (not included). The filling is of the best quality, giving the boxing bag a good weight and gravity as well as providing good shock absorption.
The filling is properly distributed throughout the sandbag, ensuring that over time the filling does not sink to the bottom, creating a soft top and a hard bottom.
The distribution ensures an even thickness of the filling throughout the boxing bag.

The boxing bag is constructed from incredibly strong synthetic leather, ensuring a long life.
Also, the suspension is secured with strong stitching on the sandbag that does not damage the synthetic leather.

The chain is made of reinforced steel that easily hooks onto the hooks of the boxing bag.

If you have any questions about the sandbag, the suspension or its use, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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